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Reprogramming your Garage door opener... no problem!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Max J., "I went to an older woman's house today who rented out a room to a younger gentleman. She called us to help her out since things didn't fo as well as planned with her tenant. She had to asked him to leave. He was very upset and threatening. We came in and reprogrammed the operator/opener, keypad and remotes to her garage door, ensuring her safety and eliminating any chance of him re-entering through the garage. it gave her peace of mind and she felt safe. Glad we could help her"

Calling a professional to fix something quickly can really give you a sense of security. Sometimes when we are under pressure or our safety is jeopardized, its nice to have a master technician on site to accomplish the desired task quickly and efficiently taking out all the guess work.

AAccurate Door Service - We were out the same day, reprogramming all components promptly. Call us for a quote. 833.568.9111

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