Garage Door Torsion Springs

  • Garage door springs act as a counterbalance to the weight of all garage doors, making them easier to open and close

  • When a Garage door spring breaks an immense amount of energy is displaced. Torsion springs are mounted over the garage door and they have a shaft running through the middle. When they break, the spring unwinds in less than a second and creates a loud noise due to the coils spinning on the shaft

  • Garage door falls fast when going down

  • Gap in the Springs

  • Crooked garage door

  • Garage door goes up a little then stops

  • Garage door cables appear to be broken

  • Loud “Bang” in garage

  • Top section of door is bent

  • When you pull emergency release rope the garage door can not be lifted

  • Garage door is “jerky” when going up or down

  • Garage door is crooked when going up or down

Signs that your garage door springs are broken



The "Fix"

The correct garage door springs allow garage doors to open & close with ease maintaining

the life expectancy of all moving parts – hinges, rollers and openers.

  • CALL a certified garage door technician, AAccurate Door Service is happy to help

  • Schedule a 23 POINT INSPECTION on entire garage door and opener



Garage Door Springs


Same day complete repairs

by expert technicians

Increase the life of your springs
  • Standard cycle (how many times the spring winds and unwinds) 10,000 cycles opening & closing your door 1-3 times per day gives you an average spring life of 3-5 years

  • High cycle springs can last 25 or more years.


Garage Door Lifting Cables

“I see wire hanging near my door or the spring on my

garage door doesn’t seem to be working but they aren’t broken.”

Garage door lifting unevenly & unbalanced?

  • Your garage door consists of several complex moving parts that are often under high pressure and the garage door lifting cables are an essential component of your garage door.

  • The springs and lifting cables control the tension and motion of the door.

  • These cables can fray or break, leaving your garage door stuck and or hanging

  • halfway open or at an angle.

  • Replacing garage door cables can often be dangerous. It is important to call a certified garage door technician, avoiding the possibility of the door falling on you or something inside the garage

Signs that your garage door 

lifting cables are broken

The "Fix"

...We replace with stainless steel no rust cables

  • ·CALL a certified garage door technician, AAccurate Door

  • Service is happy to help

  • ·Schedule a 23 POINT INSPECTION on entire garage door and opener


Garage Door Opener/Operator

RAYNOR General II wifi Residential garage door opener

  • LED lighting

  • DC Battery back-up belt drive

  • WiFi controlled

  • Energy Efficient

  • MyQ technology

The “Fix” Raynor General II wifi residential Garage door opener

or Raynor Prodigy II WiFi wall mount residential garage door opener which saves on ceiling space

Garage door or 

opener repair

  • The garage opener starts working intermittently or it ceases to work at all - leaving you stranded , forced to get out in the dark or in harsh weather to manually lift a 16-foot, double-wide door by hand.

  • The garage door starts moving slower or hesitating when rising, or the door detaches from your opener and free falls to the floor.

  • Older Chain drive openers are loud. Rattling drive chains are usually the rst thing someone inside your home hears when you arrive home easily waking th baby or trigger the dogs to bark.

  • Opening and suddenly reversing is a common sign of a failing garage door opener. If the safety sensor eye) is working correctly the reversing can be caused by faulty electronics within the actual opener.

  • Visible vibrations. Old motors with worn armatures or bent shafts will vibrate inside their housings.

  • New garage door openers offer updated technology that includes battery back-up, remotes with rolling codes, WiFi  control, & compatibility with your smartphone, tablet or hand held device. Smart technology is convenient, effcient and extends to multiple users and also allows temporary access for guests.

Signs your garage door opener needs replacing

  • features Corner to Corner Lighting™ to illuminate your entire garage - long-lasting LED system

  • DC battery back-up belt drive motor

  • standard with integrated WiFi providing an all-in-one garage door access solution. Free apps for Apple and Android.

  • Energy-ecient operation consumes up to 75% less power in standby mode.

  • MyQ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Security+ 2.0 safeguards your household, with every click a new code is sent to the garage door opener so that the door opens

  • only for you. PosiLock® locks down your garage door by electronically monitoring against a forced opening

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